Very Drupal Post

The fact I seldom write on my own blog has caused me to actually forget the password. Fortunately I have a weird habit(?) of being able to remember every password (and even combination lock number) I’ve ever used since childhood and so I went through them one by one till I got in. I’m sure that’s very impressive to somebody out there so I’m just saying it.

I’ve worked all day on MomEx and finally got some semblance of the Yahoo! Answers like system I’ve been saying I’m gonna implement for such a long time. Only thing I didn’t get done was to put a voting system for the comments so that the person who posted the question (or the people) can vote which answer is best. I tried using the vote up or down module which can implement voting on nodes and comments. I can turn off voting on the nodes which I don’t need, but voting on comments applies to all content types and not just the question content type I created. That sucks because again, I only want voting on comments for the questions, not comments on, say, the blog entries.

The solution apparently is to make comments into nodes, but the problem there is that you’ll have to disable the core comment module and therefore delete all existing comments, so that’s not gonna happen. It’s obviously a good solution for brand new sites, though, so am applying that to the one I’m launching soon.

That’s it really, that’s the big drama of today.

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