Lost People

After watching this,

It just irks me, it just absolutely disconcerts me how Mac Fanboys can call their fanaticism a ‘social movement around a computer’.

Especially because I know exactly what a worthwhile social movement around a computer should be, and that this unflinching and misguided loyalty to a man and his company has only succeeded in making them purchase, zombie – like, anything it produces with nary a care as to quality or ability, can only lead to disillusionment.

And in their pursuit of its products, how the only culture they are producing is one of absolute consumerism. In fact, an even worse kind, because it does not even care to look at alternatives and blindingly adheres to the beliefs of just one company.

And that again, it’s such an intense waste of time and money, when their efforts could be more effectively applied to said worthwhile cause.


I can’t wait to watch this.

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