Opinion re Cable TV

After the recent re-installation of Cable TV in our household, I have come to the ff. conclusions:

  1. It is for the most part, a monstrous waste of time – Once you turn the TV on, you will inevitably find something interesting to watch. For example, I happened onto a 60 Minutes feature on the FBI agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein for the duration of his incarceration before being handed back to the Iraqis. The other day, I was also enthralled by a BBC documentary ftg. two nerdy guys trying to make a motorcycle to run on compressed air, in an effort to make a zero emission delivery vehicle for a sandwich manufacturer in London.

  1. Vastly interesting as they were – they were certainly an innoportune appropriation of my time. It (my time) being limited and the list of things I want to do with it ever increasing, it behooves me to make proper use of it. Granted, interest in above topics were genuine. Regardless, the abrupt and random nature of these cable watching activities are unwelcome, being as they are, blockages to my attempts at it (my time)’s efficient use.
  2. Except for the possible exception of Basketball – which is quite likely the only thing I watch without that tinge of guilt that I’m supposed to be doing something else. Seeing as I am running a Basketball Blog, anything I can absorb in relation to this sport is a plus. Hence, watching basketball seems to be the only thing positive cable has so far, brought about.
  3. Hence, I should endeavour to blog about TV shows – which I thought about doing for a while but has since ditched the idea because of two reasons:
    • There aren’t any truly worthwhile TV shows to blog about anymore, Sopranos having finished two years ago already. The Sopranos is the only show that has ever held my complete and utter attention for an appreciable period, and nothing comes close to it to date.
    • Blogging about a TV show would only add to the things I have to do, and that list (as I mentioned above), is already overwhelming as it is (unless of course another show comes about that is as compelling as Sopranos, which somehow I doubt).

Well, that’s it, that’s what I think about Cable TV. From above we can glean that: a.Sure, it’s a pretty thing to have around the house, but if you wanna get a lot of things done, it ain’t for you. b.I thought about blogging about TV shows but in some roundabout way connected it with how busy I am and therefore shelved the idea. And c. Having a conversation with myself probably makes me look like a raving lunatic, but at least it make something look clearer!

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