Pauso Beef Stew Works

The Pauso Train keeps on a-chuggin’. Beef Stew is on the menu today, and this time, I think I really hit on a winner.


Unlike the other Pauso concoctions, this time it took a real lucky turn. I saw ‘mechado cut’ beef cubes in the ref and proceeded to defrost them this morning as I went to Tropical Hut along Ortigas Ave. to buy necessities and get some breakfast in me (there isn’t much to eat in the house today).

I started to cook it fully intending to make it a tomato – based Pauso invention, but in the middle of d stewing it along with onions and lots of garlic, it ‘sweated’ out – a fancy term I picked up from the Lifestyle Channel, and produced a sweet smelling beef stewy ‘juice’. It smelled and tasted terrific, so I scratched the tomato paste and opted for water + corn starch (a thickening agent) instead.


Above shows it already stewed out, and I know I should be using an oven plus some ceramic or deep type of casserole container dish to cook this, but I have to make do with a kaldero as it’s the only thing we have around here (literally). I just cook it at the lowest heat setting possible on our LPG range, which is why it took (brace yourselves) a whole 1.5 hours to fully cook, simmering all the way.


I added up to two cups water and 3 – 4 tablespoons of corn starch, and I’d have added a beef cube to boot if we had one (but we don’t). I know its all starchy now, but I really wanted to go for a nice thick soupy liquid. Spices are purely salt and pepper, and that worked out fine. The other people who try to cook in the house try to drown food with too many spices, I think (again, another result of the Lifestyle Channel, particularly the Food Network), but I like to keep things simple, and really, it’s hard to beat just the right amount of salt and pepper with good beef.

We have waaay too many spices than we should have. No thanks to Food Network.

We have waaay too many spices than we should have. No thanks to Food Network.

3 thoughts on “Pauso Beef Stew Works

  1. The only spices we have in my household are soy sauce, vinegar, salt and ground black pepper. No patis, no msg, no cornstarch and other fancy spices. D and now me for that matter basically stick to the ‘essentials’. =)

  2. Cornstarch and patis are ‘fancy spices’? Ooh my cuz is as simple as it gets :)

    happy new year cuz!

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