Door Has Arrived. Wall Coming Along.

I’ve been totally remiss in updating people re our moving to a new place along Sucat (hereonwards to be known as ‘FB’), so I’ll try to catch up.

Here’s where the bedroom will be.

Don’t mind the guy eating. I’ve set the canteen downstairs with funds to feed the workers I hired lunch on my dime, but they still insist on bringing food. Weird (or maybe that’s an indication of the quality of the food downstairs? hmm..)

A better look, taken the day before when the wall wasn’t put up yet.

Approximately 170cm area where I’ll be putting up my desk. Can you picture me sitting there in front of my PC looking out the window searching desperately for inspiration? I can.

Leaky faucet which is one item on my long to do list.

New door that just arrived today (the 12th). I had it copied from this one I found at Home Depot.

The orig cost P10k, while the copied one cost P3.5k. Both have areas for 5 glass panels, which are essential because the area where that door will be facing will be dark. The light coming from the bedroom windows will be able to go through the door to the kitchen and bathroom. I had it delivered without glass for lack of time. We’ll just buy pre-cut glass and use either frosted or smoked glass effect stickers on them and slap them on ourselves.

Some wall panels will be painted this shade of green while others will be in white. We were inspired more or less by a pic I got from the brochure:

Yes this is a horrible pic sorry about that, but you get the idea.

Right now I gotta buy 2 more gallons of Weatherkote ‘Apple Tree’ green and another gallon Gloss white, along with a nice door knob and hinges for that door. We might need a new door knob for the main door too as the new one I bought seems faulty. I hope I still have the receipt for that.

We need new plywood panels for the shelves Jill wants for our cabinet, which I’ll buy with my carpenter guy tomorrow. The cabinet Jill will get is gonna be awesome, with enough space for all her boxes of stuff (which of course will probably be filled in no time).

I still owe the Admin a list of all our appliances for them to compute our electrical load. I talked to the building engineer an hour ago and I’m glad he didn’t bring it up. I’m glad I got out of their office before he remembered.

Today I got our PLDT DSL and Destiny Cable applications submitted. Yes. Destiny sucks for basketball fans but we’ve no choice.

On the home front, I gotta find someone to help me disassemble the shelves I drilled onto our walls and get all our stuff into boxes ready for the movers. We should be able to do all that by this time next week. Once the stuff is all boxed up the new place should be ready, it’d be a matter of putting all our stuff into a truck for the trip from Laguna to Sucat.

Alright let’s make this happen.

3 thoughts on “Door Has Arrived. Wall Coming Along.

  1. Nice! :) Can’t wait to see it all done.

    We’re looking for carpenters. How do you find the people working for you? :) Mura ba rate? :)

    We still need to have a wardrobe cabinet done, hehe :)

  2. Almost done today! I’ll up pics. Do you want the guy’s number? He’s capable, as long as you know exactly what you want :)

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