Painted The Right Type Of Green. Just A Few More Days Away.

I dunno why you know who didn’t take many pictures, but at least this one shows the wall painted ‘Apple Green’, which has turned out to be the exact shade of green we wanted!

If it sounds like I wasn’t too sure if it’d turn out that way then that’s exactly right. I probably delayed the choice as long as I could for fear of getting a wrong shade, so I’m thrilled it’s turned out right.

Here’s the bedroom area, which is the other side of that green wall.

Here’s another view with a better perspective of how small the place is.

The kitchen still needs to be done. The wall will be green too and there will be a cabinet at the top area painted white. They’re goin to make an additional shelf area to that kitchen sink making it L-shaped, so I can put an electric range on top of it. I don’t cook via a range often so a single range deal will suffice. I cook food usually via steamer or electric oven.

This is a pic of how Jill wants our cabinets to look like, which is so not gonna happen exactly like that. Rather we’ll have 2 columns instead of 3 but just as above it will go from floor to ceiling and we’ll have adjustable shelves. I’ll find a way to sneak in lighting somewhere in the cabinets themselves.

Today being Saturday our construction guy should be finished by Tuesday, and the big plan is to move in the day after. Moving in is the big event that’s keeping us from completely finishing up the rest of what we have to do on the place like lighting (we seriously need better lighting and move the existing lighting around), additional electric sockets and a shower modification that Jill is really bothered about.

And also a sofa we need to steal from her parent’s house to reupholster plus buy new chairs. All those hundred tiny things need to be addressed but only after, not before, our move, so we need to get it done next week.

So far btw, we’ve spent 42k and look to be spending a little below 50k at the end. That’s cash I never knew we even had, so the bill for these things really does creep up on you if you’re not careful. We’re putting a lid on it immediately, which is for me, more reason why we need to get that move done ASAP. The longer we delay it the more reasons for spending come up.


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  1. It was quoted as part of the whole thing including the wall, painting, making a hole for the aircon and kitchen cabinets at 17k lang. I took the risk with a quote that low for time’s sake and because (I think) I know what I’m doing lol.

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