2, Maybe 3 More Days To Go

Ladies and gentlemen a cabinet in the making.

The wood bits will be white and there will be small metal pegs that you can insert onto drilled holes on either side, 4 each per layer, that will support each layer. Because they’re removable you can therefore adjust each layer’s height and even add more if you wish, which we definitely plan on doing.

I’ll be adding a bar at some point that will allow us to hook our clothes up, which will also be adjustable. There’s a .25m deep area surrounding the cabinet that we can also use for hooks to hook various things like belts and bags and stuff.

Here is the door to the right of the cabinet. The light fixture at the top needs to be moved to the center of the room, while a switch to that light needs to be added to the area directly to the left of the door, so that as you enter, you just reach to your left and click. Obviously, door’s not up yet. I will likely put a full length .5 by 1.8m mirror beside the switch too, dunno how much that costs though, but I like the idea of large mirrors in small places. I’ll either put a mirror there or to the right of the cabinet, which come to think of it, might be a better place because your reflection will be lighted by the window to your right rather than the window behind you. Hmm..

This is a meter wide area between the bedroom and the bathroom that can be used for… I don’t know yet. We’ll probably put the clothes hamper there or something. We’ll see. At the bottom of the pic is a hi tech garbage bin we bought that hopefully can contain the smell of wet garbage.

This is where a corner of the bed will be. That area to the right is being considered for a seat where we can read due to the nice light coming in. At any rate, we’re hoping to put in a floor lamp, maybe something like this (clearly we like to think we have a bottomless well of money):


Moving on. Here’s my work area again at the window area, where I’ve had my adjustable shelving installed. Those shelving things have been with me since Cainta and Mandaluyong, and they are awesome. Our TV will be mounted at the center of the green wall, with a couch we will steal from Jill’s house to be placed on the right facing the tv.

I’m so glad we got that color green right. It was actually hit or miss, and I made my best guess over some small samples and swatches. For anyone interested, it’s Weatherguard Apple 19-634, on the left.

The kitchen cabinets are finally up, looking very rough here, but they’ll be fine after a lot of sanding and masilya (dunno the English word for that. Putty?). I’ll be adding various hook stuff underneath it to hand dishes, food spices and other stuff. It’ll be white.

The L area at the bottom hasn’t been started yet, but I’ve learned to trust my guy, so if he says it’ll be finished tomorrow I believe him.

Finally just a few more pics to remind me of stuff to buy. The area around the aircon needs some sort of rubbery, gasket like tape or something to keep outside air from coming in those small cracks in the cement. I’m wondering if we should’ve made them half an inch bigger to accommodate foam or something, because to my mind that would supposedly help keep it quiet. Doubt if we’d have time to get that done though so we’ll just make do.

I also need 3 more pieces of this type of moulding, along with 2 new sockets and 1 light switch.

That’s it so far. Outside the room I can hear Jill packing stuff in boxes and putting plates into our plastic Orocans which should keep them safe. We’ve got so much stuff we need to make decisions on whether we throw, keep, stock at Jill’s parent’s house or sell.

I’ll deal with all that tomorrow morning when it’s not so hot. By the way I need to add, the incredible chokingly hot 35 degree heat makes everything 10 times harder. Even driving along SSHway is a chore, with the heat beating down on you making you tired and sleepy, with the constant threat of a headache present via a dull pain between your eyes. I swear it’s just as bad as if a storm was beating gallons of rain down on you. Nearly every decision that involves travel is dependent on what measures you take to combat this fantastic white heat.

Typical of this time of year though, are the fantastic sunsets you’re ‘rewarded’ with after you suffer through an afternoon.

Above is my camera’s sad attempt to capture the one over at Nuvali over the weekend. If there’s anything I’d miss from this place it’d surely be the wide open spaces and the sunsets and sunrise. I hope that wherever we’re moving after FB we’ll have the chance to enjoy this sort of thing again, a unique thrill for someone who grew up in the city like me.


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