One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward



Yes that’s not very impressive to look at and I probably shouldn’t upload pics of our place because it’s a mess and slightly embarrassing but what the heck. This blogpost will help me look back at it later for my own benefit too.

So anyway tonight is our first ever night to sleep here. The previous days were spent packing and yesterday the movers came at 7am to further pack and finally haul our stuff.

This is my 3rd move in the last 7 years and while this hasn’t been the most difficult it certainly was much harder than I thought. Primarily because of the heat, and the fact that I can’t believe we have so much stuff. How can 2 people have so much stuff?

We finally got everything together and by 10am we were hauling across the divide between Laguna and Sucat.

We actually went back to get more stuff today and we still need one trip soon to absolutely get everything. Then again that’s just as well considering we need to fix up the new place first to make room.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Here’s the place all new ready to be stuffed with stuff.

Here it is semi stuffed.

I’ve started on the shelves. I’m hoping Tintin (the bust) will approve.

Jill setting up our clothes.

At some point in the hot, hot afternoon we started to get really tired, so I set up the bed.

We lay in it awhile looking around our new home. It’s amazing that a week and a half ago it was completely bare, painted a weird yellow and red and I was making a deal with a guy I just met to get all sorts of stuff done. I’m happy with the result and while it’s not perfect, it’s done well within my expectations and for a great price. I honestly would’ve paid a third more.

While we were planning how we would sleep at her parent’s house again so we can use their internet to get work done, PLDT people knocked the door and actually installed our DSL and (useless) landline! I set up the router and such and now I’m blogging this, all just 2 days after I paid P2,300.00, our first month’s payment. I’m not used to saying this but I gotta give credit where it’s due: Very, very Good Job, PLDT!

So what’s next? We’re going to get some tiling done around the kitchen area. I’m gonna do it myself and it looks easy enough I hope. There’s a whole lot of unpacking and setting up to do still, which will probably last a week or two. I’ve gotten the two tables up and my work area’s almost there, but there are still a bunch of boxes and we still have to make one more trip back to Sta. Rosa to get even more stuff.

We’re already starting to realise the cost benefits though. While this move has taken a big chunk out of both our wallets (above pic are some of the receipts), the idea is the closer proximity to the city will help us control our costs better so we can set our sights for the big one – our very own house.

Ergo the one step back, two steps forward thing. At this point my wallet has thinned out a lot, but at least this place is ready and we don’t foresee any other big cost soon. Soon as we get settled in we can start working again, and now that internet is here it’s all green and go.

Can’t wait to get started on work as well. That took a step back too and now that I know getting back on track is just a matter of fixing up my desk and getting a few boxes out the way I’m all excited. Clients and partners who are most likely reading this please be informed: I’m ready to get our projects going so bring it on! :)

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