Anything I Could Think About This Morning

I’ve been sick again. In fact, that’s twice now that I’ve jinxed two vacays planned by Jill due to the same sickness. I feel guilty about that, and about the fact that I’ve once again somehow screwed my health up. Believe me its frustrating, and by no means am I avoiding blame, but it just happens really. One day I’m noticing how I’ve been improving my basketball game and running laps around the condominium parking lot, the next day I’m bending over in pain.

Right now this very moment my two biggest worries are the fact I have to postpone a meeting with my client involving their chief boss because I can hardly walk let alone drive. I’m moving it to 3 days later, and it might probably be no big deal, but I hate having to do that as I’m OC about my clients and I was kinda looking forward to making a good impression. Another worry is that I have to pay up a bill in Mandaluyong but am again unable to because I cannot drive. I’ve managed to ask help with that but I was hoping to do it by myself because I wanted to speak to someone and this was the best opportunity to do so. I can probably go end of the week then. Will have to console myself with that.

For the most part however, things have been swimming along. As usual, the pregnant one is making me shake my head over how just plain lucky I am to have her. I feel like that song in Sound Of Music where the girl is wondering ‘I must’ve done something good’ (yes in my quiet moments I break out in Broadway musicals. Lets keep that to ourselves, please). I’m sure I don’t tell her enough how brilliant a situation I’ve found myself in, but it seems cliche to shout it off at rooftops or even constantly write it or remind her. It’s just IS, and I am recognizant and deeply so.

I’ve probably slept well because this morning is looking out to be a productive one. I’m excited over newly learned programming skills and other stuff I wanna try out, and I’m itching to get a project done so I can make a presentation to a civil liberties group I’m excited to be part of. Despite their welcome of me I’m fairly sure it is mostly because of the promises I made that have to do with what they can do online, and now that I’ve finished a working model I’m raring to present it to them and blow their minds.

This is the sort of stuff that I’ve always wanted to do and it has taken me a long time to find the right kind of group that can make best use of what I can offer. It’s such a great fit that the feeling of being able to make a difference feels like extra gravy. In fact they’re equally relevant. Technology has a proper place and implementation and I’m the right guy at the right place with the right skills to get it done. It’s gonna be amazing.

Well that’s it pretty much about how I feel this morning, Monday Nov. 5, 2012. Between above paragraph and this one I just called my client to postpone the meeting and the secretary sounded cool with that. I’m sure protestations if any are purely imagined on my part. Pisses me off notwithstanding.

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