Ma’ Rosa – 9/10

• This movie hits home in more ways than one because it’s literally close to home. I recognize the streets of Mandaluyong where I grew up, from Boni Ave., Edsa Crossing, Balagtas and the hellhole which is Welfareville / Addition Hills. Believe it or not it used to have quaint hills and rice paddies until the local government decided to open it up to squatters quickly turning it into the den it is now. So I can’t help watch it with remorse and ill feelings mixed in. I kept hoping the camera wouldn’t accidentally pan to our old house which I haven’t visited or looked at since we left it years ago.

• After watching this, Metro Manila, OTJ and Honor Thy Father (the last two of which are Erik Matti films), and special mention to 2005’s ‘Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros’ there’s obviously no shortage of terrific moviemaking and talent. The only problem is after watching any of them I feel like working out to induce endorphins. If you happen to feel depressed you must avoid watching these at all cost. Honor Thy Father in particular may make you want to slash your wrists if you’ve ever been a victim of an MLM scheme. Ma Rosa, with Jaclyn Jose’s long yearning looks at other families who have less than hers but were at least together and free from the trouble they were facing, will probably haunt me for a long time as well. Matti knows how to push my buttons.

• I’m curious why when a good Pinoy movie comes out it is usually dark and serious, but when it’s trying to make you laugh and have a good time it’s so devoid of intelligence and insulting. The quality of products is as far apart on the scale as their genres. On one end the feel – good comedies, rom – coms and fantasy movies are ridiculous and stupid, but on the other end the dramas are amazing and rich with emotion, bringing forth great talent from its actors and director. So you can’t have it both ways. You’re either attacked by idiocy and mediocrity on one end, or stunned with the intelligence and brilliance at the other.

• Julio Diaz’s performance is the best of the lot.

2 thoughts on “Ma’ Rosa – 9/10

  1. Cuz, your old house is still there. We got lost in the area once trying to avoid Maysilo Circle which is now like a permanent sewage place (quite unfortunate, really) and we ended up in that street. It was really crowded and narrow I thought we would get stuck there forever. It is really sad how much that area has deteriorated! :(

  2. Yeah it was on its way to the dogs when I left. I pass behind it sometimes when I go to visit At. Too many bad memories :(, but clearly umayos din ang lahat eventually.

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