Jason Bourne 2016 – 5/10

Tommy Lee Jones is one of those actors who are distractingly great. His greatness actually works against him in that if he’s in a movie it is hard to concentrate on it because, hell, you’re watching Tommy Lee Jones – an icon of an actor whose length and breadth of work is both voluminous and meaningful. He is a joy to watch and impressive to behold.

I remember realizing this while watching Jason Bourne 2016 because if there’s anything Tommy Lee Jones has ever done that may be similar to this movie it would be the 1993 Harrison Ford starrer The Fugitive. The realization of which immediately made me turn wistful, because I really liked that movie, and I even liked the obvious follow up U.S. Marshals with Wesley Snipes taking on the fugitive role, which led me to remember Robert Downey‘s memorable turn as a really effective bad guy.


Of course, while Tommy Lee Jones can be too distracting for this movie’s good, that can certainly still be remedied by making the movie just as good or better.

The fact however that I went on a long reverie of two 1990s era Tommy Lee Jones movies right in the middle of watching Jason Bourne 2016 means that it is not very good. There was no reason for me to stop daydreaming because doing so was far more pleasurable than watching the movie.

In fact at this stage of my writing this I realized it may be appropriate to talk about the plot a little bit, about how Julia Styles probably spent more time promoting it that appearing in it, and how this is such a waste of Vilkanders‘ and yes, Damons’ talents, not to mention the amazing Robert Ludlum Bourne series which I grew up reading. But no, it’s not even worth that.

It’s a waste of time.

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