Honda Cub 70cc to 100cc conversion Day 2

  1. Good news the neutral indicator was just a straight swap from the ex3 to wave 100 gear shift.

    EX3 neutral indicator is straight swap to wave 100 gear shift


  2. Here are pics of the 4 speed wave and 3 speed c70 transmission assemblies for comparison. Nearly same sizes for each.

    Transmission assembly comparison

  3. The bearings proved difficult to find. I needed ‘open seal’ bearings so it took two trips to buy and return them then find another. A nice old man at BRITE TOWN auto parts along Sucat helped by showing you can remove the seals and they’ll be ok. Thanks so much to the nice old man!
  4. Machine shop work: The smallest #6200 bearing was removed, the cylinder stud hole was re thread and the crankshaft thread was rethread. Cost P700.
  5. The bearings issue took so long it got late and I had to go home. Will come back Wednesday.

So far so good, wrong bearings issue aside. But that’s the way it is with something not done before it takes guesswork. Progress may be slow but at least we’re getting there.

I’m very lucky with the Wave 100 donor engine it is completely like new inside. Pure luck.


Machine shop removed bearings, fixed cyl stud thread and re thread crankshaft

wave 100 donor engine near perfect condition

xrm overhauling kit

Cyl head comparison

Cylinder head comparison

Bearings for crankshaft.

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