Honda Cub 70cc to 100cc conversion Day 3

Wave 100 internals to EX3 engine conversion aka ‘Project WavEX3’, Day 3. First start! Some problems:

  1. The brake pedal is too near the crank case. Either i have it welded or acetylened not sure yet.

    Brake pedal too near

  2. Inside of crankcase needed to be shaved a few mm. My mechanic didn’t do a great looking job but who cares no one sees that anyway.
  3. Tip of the crankshaft was shaved just a little bit. I hope that’s ok.I’m using my old beat up carburetor and manifold as the Wave manifold twists to the right. I saw a Honda cub with a similar set up at the Japanese Cub FB page and he bore a hole through his legshield to accommodate it making it look great but my legshield is really crispy with age it will definitely not hold up. At least I confirmed the carb with air filter won’t hit the front fender I was worried it would.

    So far so good!

    I will summarize costs soon. I think I can sell some of the old parts I won’t be using especially the wave 100 stator which looks practically new.

  4. Overhead view

  5. Same engine number

  6. Shaved inside of left crankcase

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