Honda Cub 70cc to 100cc conversion Day 4

Home stretch! Only need to work on the exhaust and do some machine shop work to parts that need to be cut or widened to accommodate the larger engine.

I plan to have the brake pedal cut and added so it won’t hit the crankcase.

Planned work on brake pedal

Here is the old footrest compared to an XRM footrest (that uses the same 100cc engine) for comparison. The holes are too far apart. I need to add 2 inches to either side of the old footrest.

Planned metal work on footrest

The exhaust holes were grinded to allow fitting into the cylinder head studs.

Exhaust holes grinded to fit

The muffler stay is too far apart from the swingarm bolt where its supposed to attach. That will require a trip to the muffler welding shop for a new J pipe. I’ll get a stainless one for better durability. Trick is it’s a 30 minute trip so I just have to attach it with a wire to drive it there.

Need new j pipe to fit old muffler

So I just need to get this done, reattach it to the bike for testing, test drive it around, then remove and have it sandblasted and painted. This will add another week or so but it’s all good. At least the engine is done!

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