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I had been wracking my brain for what business to get into. The problem with me, and this has been such for a long while, is that I am able to do any number of things and naturally I would dream of wanting to make a profitable venture out of it. This has made me unfocused and consequently frustrated. So here I’m going to try and organize what I can do and weight them against each other.

I can cook. I dream of having a nice restaurant and taking care of guests. I would love the experience of having them visit regularly. I would have a brick oven and bake pizzas, high quality bread and meat. Slaving away in the kitchen and going to the market daily isn’t a grind for me and in fact I’d be quite happy doing that.

I can write. I’ve written for a lot of magazines sure but writing a novel is what I have dreamed about doing the longest. In fact I have a particular story idea revolving around my experiences of playing basketball when I was a kid I’ve wanted to write about for at least since my 20s. I’ve started out and I write a paragraph or two when I feel like it. It’s funny how it feels bad when you’re doing it but when you read it later on it’s fairly ok. However of all the ‘things I can do’ this is the most difficult. It’s just hard, man. You’d think it’d be so much easier just sitting there writing something but I’ll be honest I’m not surprised many authors go to drink or drugs to get going.

I can write basketball. For every basketball related YouTube Channel I’ve read my reaction is always ‘I can do that’, and in fact I was when I was active on It paid off big in a endorsements and gigs back then. I think this is the most fun and probably one of the easiest to do since watching and analyzing basketball probably only takes up 20% of my brain (which is only on 10% permanently). However, this has the least path towards any kind of profitability plus the fact that to be honest I am convinced Filipinos are just plain wasting their time on basketball as we would be far more competitive playing football or other sports we don’t have to be tall. Of all these choices this is the one I am sure I have to give up.

I can Tech. This is what I do now. This has always put food on the table and paid the rent, and again to be honest I do not know why but I understand it, or if there is something I do not understand I can quickly pick it up because of my one strength – I have a firm grasp of its fundamentals. So why would I even put it on this list of what I can do when it’s so obvious this is what I should be doing? Well I grew tired of it. I tried to pursue a tech dream and it didn’t pan out because I didn’t have as much confidence as I needed and it went on for so long I just let myself down. However what’s past is past and clearly tech is what I’m supposed to be doing. My recent experiences have made me grow as a person and made me realize that heck, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know tech but are in tech positions. The people who actually know what the fuck they are doing are in tech are in short supply. Plus a new element has sprung up which is that people are tremendously naive and unaware of how terribly important security and privacy is on the internet, and how as a result whole nations and governments are thrown in disarray. I feel this everyday and as I write this I am getting more and more nervous about how bad elements are using tech to overpower the good and allow the evil, the incompetent and overly entitled to govern. For this reason alone I am motivated.

So there you have it I think it’s clearer now. I’ll read this again in a few days to a month and see if it holds water. In the meantime I’ll focus on tech.

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