Basketball Blog Invite

Basketball Blog InviteApril 22 is a-comin’. That means the end of the NBA regular season, and the start of what gets every red blooded baller’s heart a-pounding – THE NBA PLAYOFFS.

Once again I’m in a position to do something I’ve always dreamed, but for some reason continue to procrastinate, or just plain screw up.

And that is, start a Basketball Blog.

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(warning: basketball post) No Game Today

no game todayLast Sunday was a strange day. Sure the sun came up as usual and all that, but the strange part of it was that I went down to the village basketball court and no one was playing.

Oh sure about fifty little kids and about as many balls were there running and screaming and doing what little kids do in a wide open space, but the ballers – the village ballers – those guys constant in every Village in the Philippines, who play ball day and night and spend what little money they make on overpriced shoes – were nowhere to be found.

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Isiah doesn’t want me to come to new york

Isiah doesn't want me to come to new yorkI have a theory about Isiah Thomas. He is, I think, possibly the most intensely competitive athlete ever in professional sports. So intense in fact, that way beyond his salad days with the Detroit Pistons, he’s still determined to see his chief rivals lose in the NBA. I mean, how else do you explain what he’s doing to my beloved New York Knicks?

But before that, a brief explanation: This issue is close to my heart, and albeit the fact it’s not even mildly tech-related, it finds its way in my blog primarily via the “it’s my blog and I’ll write whatever I want” route, and also because of a dream I’ve had since I was a kid.

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I wanna see DLSU play

i wanna see dlsu playI’ll tell you what. Inasmuch as I completely despise the (alleged) cheating situation at DLSU, and the ensuing investigation that left more questions than answers, I gotta say that La Salle’s leave of absense from the UAAP is not the right step to alleviate the situation.

Sure DLSU deserves to get punished. And I promise you, that says a lot coming from me, who has followed the UAAP and DLSU long enough for me to be embarrassed to admit it. (which is a big no-no since on my blog, I am forever young.)

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