I want one

Imagine this. You’re McGyver, and ninjas have you cornered in an office. So you pull out your Swiss knife, and fashion a giant slingshot out of the carpet and the leather from the office chairs. You then use the office cleaning detergents to make an explosive chemical to blast them away, and finally, you boot a computer out of an image you burned into your 1gb. USB drive to set it up with your OS and fave applications so you can blog about it as well!!


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Ring Mah Bling

All you haters out there, listen up.

If you think you’re impressing the shorties with the latest and greatest, well think again, cause this homie’s got sumthin for yall.

Dolce&Gabbana, and Motorola’s come up with the gold or silver V3i DG, and all you fly-mothers better come correct, or this dawg’s gonna get you awwooo awwooooo!

Check it out, you’ll get special ring tones, screensavers, wallpaper, and animation. Specs are 1.2mp. cam, quadband, class 1 bluetooth, etc. etc.

But the honeys don’t need that. The honeys need the matching gold pendant, the gold bluetooth headset, the gold wired stereo headphones and gold wire phone case. After calling the homies, you’ll need to put it somewhere, so you gotta have the gold leather phone case too.

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SE W550i write up out

My review of the Sony Ericsson W550i finally came out yesterday, rather belatedly since I submitted it about two months ago, but it’s all good.

I really really liked that phone, and for P15,000.00 (at the time I reviewed it), I think it was a steal with its internal 256mb, built in radio, music player capabilities, and comfortable (sideways) way of playing downloadable Java games. Caveats are lack of expandable memory, a proprietary connector for headphones and USB, its bulk and weight and the sideways opening thing loses its appeal after a few weeks.

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