Not Sure I Had A Heart Attack

So between Jan. 15 (Mon), to the 19th I suffered chest pains. I was still able to go to work on Tue and Fri AM. The worst of it came on Fri PM as I was coming home Jill suggested and I agreed that I go to hospital where I stayed until Sunday.

The feeling is exactly 100% like GERD, which is why I hesitated so long. I would feel much better after rest but after simple exertions such as climbing stairs or walking short distances my chest would feel very tight with pain across my shoulders and arms.

I went to a cardiologist on the 17th Wed and after an ECG, a blood pressure check (a whopping 160/130 at the time), reading through my thorough history of lab tests (I keep detailed accounts), and his interviewing me, he leaned towards believing I had an Unstable Angina, a condition in which your heart doesn’t get enough blood flow and oxygen, that may lead to a heart attack. He concluded this after considering my decades old diabetic condition which had unfortunately worsened since my last tests mid 2017) and of course existing symptoms.

He was however cautious about saying I had a full on heart attack because of my ‘young’ age (truly relative, that), and that he needed lab work. He required a battery of tests which I took the next day at HP along with a long list of medication.

The most conclusive tests of all however are prohibitive and require pause. Here’s the results of Jill’s exhaustive research. Continue reading

Where’s The Warranty?

If I could return my body to the manufacturer I would. Lately I’ve been waking up to pounding headaches, and spend most of my day battling it. It leaves me tired, completely uninterested in getting any work done and wanting only to stay my ass in bed. In fact, work is a chore and it takes all sorts of convincing to get me to do anything.

Obviously I’ve even less energy to go to the gym and its almost two weeks now. The result? I feel guilty about not getting work done and not going to the gym, so not only do I have a pounding headache, I am super annoyed at myself as well.


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