to MS : But we just wanted to help!

The UK based Inquirer website (not our local!) reports “Vista Torrent site ordered to cease and desist”, with the subheading “What happens when you try to help Microsoft out“.]

I blogged about last week. You can read their official statement here, where they post the letter from a MS representative “Internet Investigator”.

from the Inquirer article:

Chris and Jack thought that they were doing a good thing, especially after a spokesVole (referring to a post on the MS website) said, “Demand for Beta 2 has been huge – which was expected. But we are hitting ceilings on bandwidth. Right now we are serving out product keys 10x faster than we can serve the downloads. Already this is the biggest software download event in history. We are pumping out bits as fast as we can. If we pushed out bits any faster there would be a measureable impact for the Internet”.

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Exciting Reformatting News

Finally had time to reformat and reinstall the other day, and discovered some amazing revelations. First, I’m still very much a geek, writer aspirations and others aside, and I still actually find such a thing as reformatting and reinstalling apps on my PC exciting. Sad really, and cause to ponder for some I’m sure, but there it is.

Second, I have a healthy 68% dependence on free applications (yay!), and a consistent 31% reliance on proprietary ones (boo!), albeit the latter, diminishing over the years (yay-boo!)

To wit, the installations I’ve installed so far:

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Bluetooth Usage Guide

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), has released a Bluetooth Icon Program to help “guide consumer purchases of Bluetooth enabled devices”.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Print The print icon lets you know that printing can be simpler by allowing you to wirelessly print directly from your computer, mobile phone, PDA or any other device displaying the print icon.
  • Input The input icon shows that you can control as well as input data wirelessly to a device. This makes for fewer cables on your desk and improved control over portable devices without using the tiny, built-in keyboards.
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A Treasure From Youtube

I’m Gary, and I’m a Youtube Addict. Youtube’s hooked me good, and with some thanks to PLDT’s unexplained increased bandwidth, I’m having my fill.

One particular vid’s got me reeling though, and for some odd reason I watch it everyday since I found it last week.

It’s the Beatles “Rain” from 1966. It was done in full-on MTV style, with the fab four on location, unlike the norm at the time where you’d just see a band performing on stage. I’m not sure if this really started MTV like George Harrison said at the beginning of the clip, but it’s certainly unique esp. for that time.

And there’s something about them, something about John Lennon in all his youth smiling, singing and looking like he’s enjoying himself, as opposed to all the surliness and melancholy I grew up thinking he represented in the later years. There’s Paul and George singing backup, and the unique Ringo Starr drum work.

I know their life stories as well as anyone by now. And as I watched them I couldn’t help wondering how’d they have reacted to the way things would turn out. This is Paul years away from the Eagles. Ringgo and George just strumming away and goofing around, and the tall pre-Yoko Ono John, just singing and smiling and doing what obviously to him felt good. A true icon, a legend and musical genius, years away from tragedy.

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Either you’re curious, or you like to inflict self-pain, but apparently there’s a MS Vista Torrent site aimed to help you download either the x32 or x64 Vista Torrent today.

That’s right malicious code delevopers! Why wait till December (the planned release date) to make viruses for it when you can start coding your attack now?!

Seriously, I really have no motive for getting it other than I could probably make an article out of it, but even then I’ve better ways of doing so. So the purpose of this post, other than FYIng everyone on this lurid development, is to merely ride on the blogosphere wave, and get some hits, which I’ve done if you’ve read up to this point. Incidentally, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the purpose of the site’s owners too.

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The Great Notebook Search Part Deux

ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliverosFirst off, you would notice that I quite ingeniously used “Part Deux” instead of the more commonly used “Part II” to mark the distinction that this post is the second part of an ongoing process, namely to leech a laptop off of my client, as discussed here.

Using the French version done ostensibly, of course, to parlay the message that I am a smart person, incidentally one of the many, albeit hidden reason why this blog exists. Other than that of course, is the fact that I am a fan of stupid Charlie Sheen movies, one of which is Hot Shots! Part Deux, which for some reason I dreamt of last night.

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Interview of Arnold Gamboa re Linux Migration from Windows

Interview of Arnold Gamboa re Linux Migration from WindowsI promised I’d post my interview of Mr. Arnold Gamboa, Managing Director of Sparrow Interactive, regarding the successful migration of 16 of their Windows machines to Linux.

This has to do with my talk last April 8, Saturday, at the PLUG 2nd Quarterly Free Seminar Series. Incidentally, I learned of Arnold’s migration from his post about it at Pinoytechblog, so here’s some linklove in that direction.

Without further ado:

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Summer Brings Forth Dreams of Laptops

Summer Brings Forth Dreams of LaptopsMy long time client whose roots are deeply nested into the local I.T. Distributorship scene (she used to work in a major Distributor and now runs a Dealership for a well-known gadget brand) floored me recently when she agreed to offset my retainer for a laptop when I broached the idea.

Naturally this sent me scurrying off to several local websites, battling fatigue late into the night trying to make sense of what was available out there. My priorities were simple. 1. Cheap As Possible., 2. Lightweight, 3. As much RAM as possible. 4. Sturdy, and 5. Cheap as possible.

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