Intel Told How To Make Mobos

In an article on, Mark Reiner, VP of Epic, designer of Unreal Tournament, is imo acting like a kid when he says that “I’m concerned about the level of growth in the PC games business…A $900 PC is nowhere near as capable as a $299 Xbox 360 console. We’re losing PC gamers in record numbers. Integrated graphics cards [like those produced by Intel for low-end PCs] cannot compete with the console gaming experience.”

His culprit: “80% of new laptops and 55% of new desktops contain integrated graphic cards that cannot run state-of-the-art PC games.

IMO Board manufacturers will hesitate putting high end cards onto their boards for any of the ff. reasons:

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Of Conspiracy Theories and Artificial Chip Pricing

Back March 23, 2006, 3 Samsung executivers pleaded guilty for DRAM price-fixing, reported on here, and I blogged about it here.

And now, there are new allegations of artificial pricing involving chipmakers, here. Excerpt:

The complaint, to be filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, charges the companies with fixing DRAM chip prices, artificially restraining supply and rigging bids for contracts.

Those actions caused computer makers such as Apple Computer , Compaq Computer, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard Co. and International Business Machines Corp. to pay more for chips and then pass those costs on to consumers, said Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist, another lead plaintiff in the case.

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Finally. Geek Girls Getting It.

In other IT news, IT women shed clothes and geeky image for calendar.

SYDNEY–A group of female computer professionals in Australia has struck sexy poses for a calendar to try to shake off their geeky image and encourage women to take up technology studies.

“The IT Screen Goddesses Calendar features beautiful photos of real women working in the IT industry, in poses inspired by movie goddesses old and recent,” the group says on its website.

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Slow News Day?

There’s an article today re “UK firm says RP-based web design outfit ripped them off”:

In an e-mail correspondence, Paul Bowers, a representative of the UK-based firm behind, said a company called “wickedinnovations” was hired to do contract job to code and design the company’s website. A deadline to complete the job was set for eight weeks, Bowers said. The company decided to pay 900 dollars as initial fee for the 1,800-dollar contract work.

Bowers said his company eventually found that the Philippine-based firm, which is located in Ortigas in Pasig, allegedly copied code from another website.

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Some Paypal News! (but not what we want to hear)

As per the LA Times yesterday, the President of EBay’s PayPal has called it quits.

The San Jose-based company said Jeff Jordan, president of its PayPal online payment business and considered a potential successor to Chief Executive Meg Whitman, would leave in the fall to spend more time with his family.

Now, obviously this is all very important news to Mr. Jordan, his family, Ms. Whitman, Ebay’s employees and of course, their stockholders. But for us here in the Philippines, what we collectively (and I speak for everyone) would like to know is:

Will this in any way help bring Paypal to the Philippines?

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Movie Promotion via (make a guess) Youtube

From Yahoo Tech:

Studios catching viral bug to promo new DVDs online
“LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Online video sites like YouTube are Hollywood’s hottest new marketing tool.”….”YouTube is a key component in our overall marketing and publicity strategy,” said Greg Newman, executive vice president development for MPI Home Video and Dark Sky Films”…” Paramount Home Entertainment recently started posting “some content” to YouTube”.

tsk tsk. Old news. Here’re a few Cinemalaya 2006 Filmfest entries in the short film category:

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Tip to CoffeeShop Wifi freeloaders: Buy Something

.. and conversely, Tip to coffee shops with wifi: Tell them to.

This was bound to happen. A 20 year old man in Washington, US was charged with “theft of services” after mooching off of a coffee shop’s free internet access for three months without buying anything.

“He doesn’t buy anything,” Emily Pranger, the shop’s manager, told KATU, a Portland, Ore. television station. “It’s not right for him to come and use it.”

Smith allegedly parked his truck in the parking lot to use Brewed Awakenings’ wireless access.

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