Dani California Vid and what little I know of Rock

Ex-boss Boss Ruby (who’ll forever be called ‘boss’ till the day I die) was kind enough to correct me on my Beatle’s “Rain” post, where I mentioned Paul McCartney was ‘years away’ from the ‘Eagles’ when it should’ve been ‘Wings’. Arrgh. Hey at least it was close.

So no sooner than this snafu was pointed out than when I checked out the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Dani California” video, where they parody several other rock bands, further testing my (by now, well established) weak rock knowledge.

So what the hey, let’s try naming them all:

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Songs that make you weep

I just uploaded my Strawberry Switchblade Video On Youtube, singing one of their most famous hits “Since Yesterday”. Strawberry Switchblade is a UK two-girl band that started in the early 80’s, and whose songs reverberated all the way throughout high school and college in the 90’s.

I have two of their albums in vinyl (hopefully still ok in a box under the stairs), and hundreds of memories listening to them along with many other artists of that era with my friends.

I happened onto Joey’s blogpost this morning about Nostalgictrip.wordpress.com, and immediately decided to upload it so I can share the video with them, along with my own Youtube find, the Beatle’s 1966 Rain video (which believe it or not I give a listen to at least once a day).

Anyway, here’s the video I just uploaded:

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Chingy / Tyrese: Youtube pick of the week

My to-do list is full, I got up late, and I’m all confused on what to start. What then to do?

Why, Surf Youtube of course! Second favored activity to “aimless – blog – hopping”, and followed by “playing – NBALive – 2k – until – my – eyes – turn – red”, Surfing Youtube aims to serve my need for superflous information and voyeuristic impulses whilst being only slightly more entertaining than channel surfing on the couch for a few hours.

At any rate, today we’ve got Chingy & Tyrese, with “Pullin me back”, definitely on my A-list of “songs to surreptitously download off the Internet”, incidentally, another favored activity.

Other than the killer beat, it features the fantastic Aston Martin Vanquish, and for a techie bent, the interesting Helio mobile phone, which I really wanna get a hold off one of these days, if only because of it’s very hip website and Myspace connectivity.

Then of course, there’s Yaya DaCosta, supplying the shorty role for the video, who was in America’s Next Top Model (2003), and in the movie “Take The Lead”, which I reviewed for Movie Exchange, btw (notice the not – so – subtle plugging. Smooth no?).

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

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MS Origami Vid

Truly radical new thing in computing? Or just another ‘cool thing to have’? I’ve seen this 4 month old vid twice and over, and my conclusion: this commercial isn’t very good at telling us what it actually does.

Which means I wanna find out, and therefore wanna give it a spin. So I guess the commercial worked! Anyway, check it out yourself:

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