‘Authors’, nice Moleskin alternatives for hallucinating writers

I’m a big notebook collector, and no it’s not ‘notebooks – computers’ but ‘notebook – Jolina on the cover’. You know, the one with paper, and requires a pen.

Anyway I’m nuts about these. I appreciate it whenever us press people are given freebie nice ones (I tend to use them till they fall apart), and there was a time I’d buy one every time I’d go to National Bookstore, so I’ve tried the ‘Blue Feather’, the yellow ‘King Jim’, ‘Green Apple’ and all sorts of other brands. I don’t like the spiral ones, I prefer the ones with a spine and I’d use it till it’d get all worn out and loose – leafed (if there’s such a word).

So this brought me to start wondering what the best type is out there, so I surfed and learned about Moleskins, reportedly the ones used by Van Gogh, Chatisse, Hemingway, Matisse and Gary Mercado. Yes I just sneaked my name in there, to see how it’d look aside those legends. Pitiful, I know.

At any rate, I was meandering about Greenbelt 2 the other day when I found these, called (I hope I get it right) “Authors” notebooks. Sorry about the lousy 1.3mpx pics. Anyway they’re covered in soft leather, come in fashionable colors (black, blue, red, pink, green, white etc.) and have really nice unlined paper in it, perfect for when you’re harboring hopeless thoughts of writing the next great Philippine novel, as I am wont to do often during the day.

They’re somewhat fashionably priced as well, with the one in the picture going for P1,650.00, a larger album-like one going for P2,500.00, and smaller, pocket sized ones for P450/P550 (I forget which).

Anyway they’re really nice, and I’m posting this for two reasons, a. to make very big hints at people close to me as my birthday and/or Christmas are mere months away, b. to prove I’ve known about them first before anyone else as I’m sure they’ll get pretty popular once everyone learns of them.

Of course, none of my cheapo friends are rich enough to bestow such upon me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comments that these have been in the market for ten years already, where have I been, and there are many other models much better and cheaper. But what the heck, I like ’em so there.

You can find them at the Sketchbooks store at G2. I tried to ask where else they can be bought but the vague salesgirl was – vague. Must be the fumes from all that oil paint.

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8 thoughts on “‘Authors’, nice Moleskin alternatives for hallucinating writers

  1. Montage in GB3 has that too :)
    Is the paper archival in quality? ;) I like this set of notebooks in Powerbooks mainly because they aren’t as bulky. I find the Authors notebooks a bit bulky, now that I think about it. I like it small, pocket-sized, not so bulky. I plan to save for the one in Powerbooks. For my all around notebook, I have the acryl ring binder. The smallest one. It has dividers and it’s loose leaf. Practical for me. But for a journal… I want something else :)

  2. there are the smaller P450.00 Authors notebooks but you may have seen them already. Yeah I think the paper is archival although I’m not really sure what that is haha (basta maganda papel niya). You can contact the manufacturers for refills daw.

    anyway those things are nice. The only worry I have really is whether what I’d write in it would be worth it :D

  3. I’d like a good “notebook” with no lines – for freeform writing/drawing/diagramming. Now using “Best Buy.”

  4. there are notebooks similar to that at a different bookstore in gateway. kaso i couldn’t open them to check the paper because they’re all sealed.

    wala lang. haha

  5. jk migs ill check that out too. Ive had enough of green apple etc. they fall apart after a few weeks.

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