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First of all, this is in no way a hit on our gracious benefactor, a very rich and powerful company, for providing me two tickets to watch Superman Returns at the IMax theater two days ago, at the Mall Of Asia (is it ‘Mall of Asia’ or ‘SM Mall of Asia’?)

As a token of gratitude for an article I wrote about them, it is one of the rare occasions when I’ve received freebies from my writing, and it is highly appreciated in all ways possible.

And now, to my thoughts on the famous Imax theater.

  1. It is not eight stories high. Likely, it is five stories, and once the movie starts, only three of these ‘stories’ are taken up. Still impressive of course.
  2. The sound is terrific. To its credit. As it should be. And it’s amazing.
  3. Woe betide those who sit in Aisle A. We were sitting in Aisle C, 3rd nearest the screen. Golly what a headache.
  5. Superman Returns is not a built – for – Imax affair, and this is painfully obvious here, (and I’m talking literal pain here). To this I credit the headache.
  6. Further proof to this are the trailers, which boast the superlative features of the Imax theatre by featuring true 3D. Yes the famous T-rex 3D movie is there, and yes it definitely a striking experience, the kind that knocks your socks off, and make you worry about the kids developing phobias. Coupled with the realistic sound, it’s very scary and impressive.
  7. But for ‘normal’ movies? Forget it. ‘Normal’ movies require you to put the glasses on at particular scenes which have been converted to 3D.
  8. This is a hassle, and I’ve serious doubts as to whether the director or producer would agree to such nonsense. Usually directors are finicky about the way their product is displayed, which is why they raise hell whenever their work is edited. How then, would they feel re this?
  9. The hassle isn’t the physical action itself, but the way it distracts from the moment. Fortunately, Superman Returns doesn’t have anything fantastic enough to merit such, but I’ve watched action movies where I want nothing, absolutely nothing, to get in the way of the action. Old Jackie Chan movies. Terminator movies. (Some) Stallone movies. Arnold’s “True Lies” – one of my fave action flicks, etc. If these were forced-converted to 3D for IMax the way Superman Returns was, then I would definitely have hated it.
  10. And worst of all: THE HEADACHE. Throbbing, painful, immensely annoying, and wholly unnecessary. I am sure this detracted from the movie quite a bit, hence I am writing this instead of a review of Superman, which I am afraid I will not do justice because of.

Again, this does not reflect on my gratitude to my sponsor. If I’m sounding OC about that, bear with me, since I know those tickets do not come cheap (P350.00 for regular days, not to mention these were premieres), and besides, the chance to rub elbows with showbiz folks (Jill writes about it at length here), is worth several write ups by itself.

However, if you ask me if I’d watch a movie there again, I would politely suggest we watch at a ‘normal’ theater instead. Any of which, (even the cheap ones), could’ve done a better job, simply because I’d not need painkillers afterwards.

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6 thoughts on “Imax Shmimax

  1. Row C in an *IMAX* theatre, oh, you poor sod! (And I say this with all the sympathy I can muster — you must have needed a ton of Omega Painkiller to get the stiffness out of your neck.)Seriously?  If any institution thinks of passing out corporate gifts in the form of IMAX tickets, they ought to remember that the best seats are usually toward the back of the theatre.  Basic perspective and proportion.Not to impugn your sponsor, who was mighty generous indeed to pass on those tickets (and now probably grateful he didn't make use of it himself)!!!

  2. I hope I still get to see Superman when I get back. So who's  more evil, Lex Luthor or Verbal Kint?

  3. itll probably still be in manila for two months at least. which is a shame really. my review coming up!   

  4. glad to read reviews of a fellow movie enthusiasts here. i too was sitted on aisles C on a monday because Saturday and Sundays showing of Superman Returns were sold out. Would you believe ? it didn't gave me any headache…must've been my tolerance with first-person perspective arcade games

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