Commercials I want to see on Youtube

In no particular order:

  1. Caronia Nail Polish
  2. Tancho Pomade
  3. United American Tiki Tiki (or was this just a jingle?)
  4. La Germania – Generates love.. (especially the early ones.)
  5. YC Bikini Brief (again, just a jingle?)
  6. Seiko wallet
  7. ..the toothpaste commercial that goes “Father, Mother, Brother, Sister how do you brush your teeth?”
  8. ..or any still using Caucasians for a Pinoy market such as Alaska, Milkmaid, etc. well into year 2000 and over.
  9. More, Hope, and Champion cigarettes, aka where the hero saves the day by snapping his fingers and his car starts to fly avoiding bad guys..
  10. 680 home appliances with Rod Navarro.
  11. Any one with Kuya Germs, Bentot, Chiquito, Babalu, The Aldeguer Sisters, Don Pepot, Panchito, a younger Dolphy, Palito, Tito Vic and Joey, Babalu, Weng Weng, Bert Marcelo, the host of Kwarta o Kahon (at the tip of my tongue..) etc..
  12. Jaworski and Francis Arnaiz Toyota Corona and Corolla “Macho” and Liftback commercials. And those of Atoy Co or Christina Paner’s Dad, if any.
  13. Sarsi with egg with Danny Vanni (am really stretching it here, can hardly remember that)
  14. Magnolia milk using those small cute glass bottles that always left me wanting more during recess.
  15. Movie trailers for skin flicks with fruit / vegetable / suggestive names, like Patikim Ng Pinya, Sariwa, Talong, Tikim, Kangkong, Amasona…. kumakasa, pumuputok, Balat-Sibuyas, Tigasin, Malagkit, Lollipop, etc.

And finally (and this is doable):

Players Cologne for men.

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15 thoughts on “Commercials I want to see on Youtube”

  1. pepe pimentel did kwarta o kahon, right? don’t forget eddie ilarde, leila benitez, and sylvia la torre. and uncle bob’s lucky seven club.

    how about kukuryu cosmetics… bataan matamis… liberty evaporada… the original yeye vonnel… the original silver swan soy sauce, rufina patis, and mukhasim talaga… tanduay rum and suntory whiskey…

    more when they come to me. argh.. did i just date myself?! :D

  2. ayun pepe pimentel! when i was a kid he once grabbed me in a restaurant and was trying to ask my name in a pa-cute way, unfortunately he reeked of whiskey and i was stunned hahaha.

    gosh bossing, i hardly know half of those. at bakit puro patis, toyo at suka?! you must be hungry..

  3. e yung gee, your hair smells terrific?

    yc bikini brief may commercial talaga yon tsaka yung united american tiki tiki madalas yan sa mga show ni kuya germs kino-commercial e.

  4. no. 7 is Family toothpaste!
    Have you tried singing the BEAM toothpaste jingle without smiling? B-E-A-M means smile… smile kami pag Beam. Beam na Beam ngipi’y protektado, panalo sa presyo, panalo, pag BEAM!

    Did you forget Greencross family rubbing alcohol? Hindi lang pampamilya, pangisports pa?! Ahehe.


  5. lets see if i get this right:

    yc bikini brief
    yc bikini brief
    for the man who packs a wallop

    yc is fashion
    yc is xxxx
    yc is beauty and motion
    yc is for you..

    yc bikini brief
    yc bikini brief
    yc bikini brief
    yc bikini brief

    i cant remember the xxxx part..

  6. More, more, more… Darigold gives you more…

    Charling Balakubak, excuse me.

    Ipagpatuloy ang kaunlaran, mag-impok sa banko…

    Banco Filipino, subok na matibay, subok na matatag.

  7. I suddenly remembered the Philip Salvador brandy (?) ads where he’s a dancing fool. Also the ‘Treetop’ juice drink ads, which had us screaming at the top of our lungs: TREETOOOOOP!!!

  8. pre pag sunday sa channel 9 way back 1980’s, yung RA HOME VISION. yng biglang may kamay ng robot na lalabas.
    kasunod nito yng ENCARNATION BECHAVES. yng flower shop commercial.

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