Baby Ace!!

I was just about to title this post ‘waiting for baby ace’ when I got a call. I rushed over to the OR and.. 


3.35 kgs., 49cm., head 36cm., chest 34 cm., ac 31cm. Anghel Christopher Mercado, birthday 5/15/13. Actually this was my first photo of him:


..until I learned I could buzzer the nursery lady to lift the blinds.

So some details:

– We got to the hospital around 9am. I actually drove with the hazard lights on to indicate an emergency because Jill was having 5 minute apart contractions at the time. Note: No one gave way, not even the pedestrians, so it didn’t do any good.

– I dropped her off at the ER and proceeded to park the car and put some of our stuff in our waiting room, so by the time I went over to check on her she had been wheeled to the OR. When I got there I didn’t really know if I would be allowed to hang around or not, but she more or less told me to get out of there, so I waited in our freezing hospital room the whole time.

– After an hour or more of channel surfing and staring at the wall I was summoned to the OR. I thought that was it but instead it was Jill’s mom (also her OB), informing me they would go CS, due to a raised heartbeat or some such. I signed something, went back and waited some more.

– Some admin lady called afterwards asking if Jill was married, and to whom, because she isn’t using her married surname. Jill doesn’t want to go through the hassle of changing her surname for a bunch of reasons, but they kept insisting that she should use her married name so that she can be listed as married. I really didn’t want to go through an argument this trivial so I just told them to do whatever they wanted, but she kept insisting, so I just said yes to everything she said until she ended up indicating she will ask her superior or something like that. Whatever.

– A few minutes after that I got called to the OR again. I rushed there and an elderly nurse told me that I would be ‘paying for pansit’. I was told by Jill’s mom it’s a tradition for the staff to be bought pansit after a successful birth, so I gathered this was some unique way of being congratulated. Of course I said yes and told them to call Ambers, but I wanted to see the baby and ask how Jill was and no one was telling me. Finally I started bugging the nurse, she told me to go the nursery to take a look, and when I did the blinds were closed but I could still peek a bit. Here’s another one.

IMG_20130515_114650After the blinds were lifted Jill’s mom was smiling and gave me the thumbs up to indicate everything’s fine. Thank God. I went for lunch at the cafeteria, their laing was good.

As for Jill the nurse said she was semi conscious while getting sewed up and she’s ok. Staff told me it’ll take at least two hours until she’s taken here to our room. A Dr. Romero knocked and came in and gave me a Baby Journal. I had never met her before but she was very happy to see me and informed me that a.) Ace’s balls were ok (apparently this is important news), b.) that all fingers and toes were complete, and other such information I probably should remember, except I remember the balls information most because that seemed odd.

So now I’m sitting here in this freezing hotel room very happy and excited so I decided to write this, and thinking Ace kinda looks like one of my uncles.

Daddy wherever you are come and take a look at my little boy.

5 thoughts on “Baby Ace!!

  1. Congratulations Cuz and Jill. Welcome to baby Ace, such a tiny (3.35 kgs!) little bundle of joy.
    Btw which uncle does Ace look like? =)

  2. “Daddy wherever you are come and take a look at my little boy.”


    This is exactly what I’d say if I had a kid someday. Except of course, if she’s a girl.

    Congratulations, Daddy Gary!

  3. Gary and Jill,

    Congratulations! We are so so happy for you guys!
    Now every time you attend Nina’s party you will
    Have Ace with you.
    Cake Concepts is making baby Ace’s baptismal cake- don’t you dare
    Ask someone to make his cake.

    Much love,
    Geo, Maite and Nina

  4. thanks maits. sorry i missed your call yesterday. I so look forward to taking him with us on Nina’s next party!

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