Ace is now at the ripe old age of 5 days and is a sleeping, eating and pooping machine. He is thankfully low maintenance which is helping us making the decision to move back to the condo sooner, pending the hiring of a yaya.


playing with the cousins

I can’t emphasize how wonderful it is that he isn’t difficult. All he needs is whatever he is crying about, and that can either be a new diaper or more often than not, food. Once provided he is a happy sleeping baby. I’m sure that’s on the surface though, because I’m convinced his body is working hard to make itself stronger. As it is he apparently doesn’t even have nose hairs to filter out dust, causing him to sneeze every so often. I’m sure the rest of his body needs to improve its ability to fight sickness and things like that. All of which are happening via the magic of milk (mostly formula until his mom can provide a regular supply), and rest. And he is getting a lot of rest, a reported straight 5 hours yesterday.

If there is any particularly consistent feeling that I’ve experienced these past few days its the gratitude that we are able to function semi – normally, granted by the fact that Ace is just a plain ol’ happy healthy, ok baby. I gathered from some previous reading that I would experience something incredibly life changing, like the heavens would open up, Ace would grab my finger with his tiny hand and I would majestically reach some higher form of enlightenment or something. But for the most part the most life changing thing I’ve experienced is a lack of sleep, and not all that bad either because Jill and I take turns, and like I’ve said, once he’s fed and cleaned he just, almost instantly snaps back to sleep, allowing us to take ours.

I dunno what those guys were on or if their lack of sleep was far more extreme, but as far as I’m concerned just hanging around my boy is fun, and watching him eat, sleep, crap or darn do anything else is just cool. If there is anything else to that I might be missing on it, but otherwise I’m perfectly happy the way things are now. Every morning I take him outside and we walk up and down the street a few times catching some rays. He just snoozes right through it, perfectly content as am I. Then I deposit him back to his mom, I get breakfast then go to the condo to work. Normalcy.

If this is the bliss they were talking about then I agree, it’s wonderful. No chorus music comes out from the background and there is no voice in my head spouting wisdom from the ages like I thought people said would happen, but who cares. Wife and boy is healthy, we’re all good.


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  1. Lack of sleep was not an issue with me either, if it did happen it still was not as bad as law school. I think because when he took a nap I napped. I got a lot of sleep nga when my son was a baby. But then again I stayed at home. Si husband ang patay because he worked in makati.

    But I agree, it’s the routine that’s heavenly. Just lying in bed watching my son sleep was bliss.:-)

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