Now Blogging – The U.P. Portia Sorority!

portia sorority launchThe University of the Philippine’s Portia Sorority has been around for 72 years, counting such luminaries as Justice Cecilia Munoz Palma and Haydee Yorac as sisters, and so it’s just righteous that they find a suitable place on the web.

Henceforth – the Portia Blog! Rising in all its blue and white (yes blue and white. gasp.) glory, from the efforts of Jill, and myself.

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Abante apologizes to Jill

gringo plagiarized jillFollowers of my girlfriend Jill’s blog would be familiar with her recent Abante episode, where she was plagiarized, plain and simple, via a unauthorized reposting of her post about an ongoing scam at NAIA.

Apparently certain enterprising officials would plant damning evidence in traveler’s baggage for the purpose of extortion. In the case mentioned above, a bullet was placed inside a 75 year old lady’s bag for which she had to spend a night in one of Pasay City’s no doubt pleasant and well-appointed jail cells.

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pam’s appeal for the children of payatas

I’m posting here a letter from my shimmering editor, Pam Pastor, Chief of Correspondents for 2bu!, Inquirer’s Lifestyle Section.

The first thing I really thought of was to ask her to make doubly sure it was really from who it came from, however she’s apparently already done her homework and they’re visiting the Payatas Soup Kitchens on December 21. Here it is in full:

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Posted a weird permalinks error on WP forums..

Just posted on wordpress support forums.

When I create a htaccess file using options/permalinks, a message says the htaccess file is not writable, so I have to cut and paste the code, save it as a file and upload. I do that by saving it as a.htaccess as a text file, upload, rename to .htaccess, then chmod to 666. It then worked ok.

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