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Now that her infamous video is making the blogging rounds all over, the question is will Alyssa Alano’s career get a boost from the internet?

Think about it. Before I saw it last week, I had never heard of her, and even ABS-CBN’s “WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE (viva) HOT BABES??” poll gives her a 0 rating.

But after her ‘Awesome!’ GMA performance captured on Youtube, that can all change, and she didn’t even need to take her clothes off. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned for movie promoters here, although what I’m not entirely sure. The point is, she’s getting famous, albeit not as planned, but famous still, which I think for most Viva hot babes is good enough.

Anyway, her own page on the internet is here.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

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Basketball Exchange’s Got Game! Gearing Up For UAAP.

Basketball Exchange.ph is almost three months old now, and goodness how time flies when you’re having fun.

And having fun we are! I’ve found two great writers Chip Lopez and Phillip Kimpo Jr., who by a stroke of sheer luck, answered the call for writers and have appeared as passionate (which is common), and as dutiful (which without a doubt is very uncommon) in sharing of their opinion, news and commentary of all things basketball.

On the site’s more technical innovations, I’ve added polls from Lester Chan and the terrific Feedreader from Chait.net, which is a terrific way to provide fresh content without getting my lazy ass of my seat. If you check the blog, you’ll see feeds from nba.com and espn.com/nba, and it’s hard to imagine how it’d be so hard to keep the site from getting boring without them, which I suppose, is the highest compliment I can give it. I highly recommend it for any site that wants to show updates from news services or other blogs.

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Performancing For Firefox Rocks. Hard.

As Im running Movie Exchange.ph and Basketball Exchange.ph now, posts here have become few and far between.

That’s not to say of course, that not much has happened. On the contrary, tons and tons have, and so I must find time to blog, if only because blogs among other things are a great way of personally keeping track of stuff going on in our lives. And since, judging from the site metrics, people haven’t really been beating a path to read it, I assume the aforementioned purpose makes more sense at this point.

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AklatangPambata.org Going Strong

AklatangPambataApologies for the corny title as titles have always been my waterloo, but at any rate, it’s fairly apt.

AklatangPambata.org, a Quezon City based NGO whose goal it is to establish libraries across the country, is run by Troy Lacsamana, a multi-awarded librarian and among the recipients of the top 5 HSBC Volunteers in Person last October 2005 by Hands on Manila.

He first contacted me last March 5 as a respondent to my Free Websites program after it was posted on the Portia UP sorority maillist, which I also did as part of that program.

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RIP Soozyhopper

RIP SoozyhopperI’ve no idea who she/he is, what she/he does, where (I’ll just choose she) she gets here info, and who those people are she talks about.

The only thing I know is that the day Soozyhopper died, is a sad day in Philippine Blogging history.


Plain and simple, Soozy spoke the truth, or at least the truth as she saw it.

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Brothers of the Ball Unite! Write For BBall Exchange!

Brothers of the Ball UniteBasketball’s all about love, and since I’m a world-class lover, I hasten onto this Earth once again The Basketball Exchange Philippines, to which all sorts of orange ball lovin’ will reside.

Seriously, I’ve been dilatory in my duties as administrator and chief poster, so I’m making up for lost time, especially since the NBA Playoffs are way into the midst of their proceedings.

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Basketball Blog Invite

Basketball Blog InviteApril 22 is a-comin’. That means the end of the NBA regular season, and the start of what gets every red blooded baller’s heart a-pounding – THE NBA PLAYOFFS.

Once again I’m in a position to do something I’ve always dreamed, but for some reason continue to procrastinate, or just plain screw up.

And that is, start a Basketball Blog.

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Epixtar Doesn’t Like Bloggers

Epixtar Doesn't Like BloggersSome new developments on this silly Epixtar thing. But before that, a backgrounder: Like I said in post last January 10, Migs made a post about how the local Epixtar’s callcenter might be in for a rough ride after how their offices in Florida, US filed for bankruptcy. There was a reference to an alleged phone cramming situation, indicating this might be the reason for said bankruptcy.

At any rate, on January 12 someone named “Karl” made a very long comment with a list of names and their salaries, looking like it was lifted directly from a spreadsheet. This happened with Migs as well, although in his case the poster was “Gary” (definitely not me).

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