Further thoughts on the Dove thing

I had originally planned this blog to be merely about tech, then it turned to tech and personal stuff, which then shifted to announcements for the goings-on at Kikay, Ballex, MomEx, MovieEx and PCEx. But now I realized, I don’t have a blog of my own now do I? And if anything, the one thing I know how to do is to blog, and so once again, I’ve decided to make it an annoucements page for my blogs and personal stuff.

At any rate, am just posting to address an issue that had come to fore from KikayEx’s (ie., me and Jill’s) visit to the Dove Event a few days ago. Thoughts to wit:

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Why Are There No Sports Blogs?

I’m being honest when I say that the reason I am not a professional blogger is that I’ve tried, but everyone has either rejected me, denied me, put me on a waiting list or flat out just not responded to my email requests. Of course it’s a reflection on my writing, which I’ve never been insecure about. I’ve been writing far too long and far too often to feel affected by anything now I guess, either that or I’m just thick-skulled.

Writing is a deep passion of mine, like being in a place where I know what I am doing. When you reach an area of comfort in something like that, it’s hard to feel discouraged. Being told I’m not good enough only makes me go to that place, and consequently write more. It’s weird I suppose, but it works.

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Thoughts about ‘Survey: Majority of Blogs are Personal’

  1. Duh.
  2. Obviously focused on American bloggers, but it’s safe to assume many of the details, like the reason why people blog, are the same worldwide.
  3. On a similar article titled “Report exposes real deal about bloggers“, it says that “While 74 percent of Internet users are white, only 60 percent of bloggers are white.”, and goes on to quote a Gartner research analyst: “Blogs have given those who perhaps don’t feel that their issues, thoughts or opinions are addressed in the mainstream media, an outlet to express themselves in some way.”. That’s funny, because one of the reasons I’m blogging about this very same article is that as a Filipino blogger, but still a blogger, I feel my opinion was not expressed as well. Therefore, this is a blogpost about a blog article about bloggers who are excluded from mainstream media by a blogger who has been excluded from mainstream media! Kewl!
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Disparate crossed out howto lists, misc. tech ramblings, and the cool weather.

Been really busy this past weekend doing any of the ff.:

  1. update all blogs (movie, basketball, Portia, aklatangpambata, upwinlaw, and this site to WordPress 2.0.3).
  2. updated Pinoywritersonline to Drupal 4.7.2 (from whatever ancient version it was)
  3. updated my photo gallery to Coppermine 1.4.8, again from whatever ancient version previous.
  4. uploaded the excellent Aklatangpambata pics to my photo gallery and to Flickr (ill explain later), thanks very much to Mr. Chris Lagman, btw.
  5. uploaded a whole boatload of gadget pics as well, and I’ll be adding a few more as soon as I dig them up off my PC.
  6. Found a way to display these pics from my Coppermine photo gallery onto the site, as shown below
  7. .

  8. still trying to find a way to display the Aklatangpambata pics onto the Aklatangpambata.org website. Problem is, the coppermineSC plugin requires it connect to the localhost db, and I haven’t managed to make it connect across different hosts (it’s hosted elsewhere). I’ve tried mysql.myhost.ph, myhost.ph:mysql, mysql:myhost.ph, and even my IP address, but no go. I’ve sent an email to mobilehive.com, my host, asking how that’s done. In the meantime, will have to do with Flickr, which is great of course, but I like hosting my own stuff.
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Akismet API Key FAQ needs rewrite

I’d been getting spam lately on my blogs, so I decided to give Akismet, the built-in WordPress anti-spam plugin, a try (usually i use the excellent Bot-check, a 100% effective solution for this blog, but I wanted to try something new).

Akismet activation however will be confusing for non-wordpress.com users (read: people who run wordpress by themselves, like myself and others who have their own domain). When a non-wordpress.com user activates it on his plugin area, it’ll say “Akismet is not active. You must enter your WordPress.com API key for it to work.”, after which it’ll give you instructions to look for it on your WordPress Dashboard, either on the Dashboard itself or when you click “My Account” (Users > Your Profile).

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Local blogger cited. Doesn’t like it.

In the I-like-my-blog-readership-just-the-way-it-is-thank-you-very-much department, here’s some interesting local blogger news. PDI showbiz columnist Dolly Ann Carvajal recently mentioned a row between local showbiz hottie Alicia Mayer and the bouncer of a bar in Makati, article here.

A local blogger happened to have observed the incident, and blogged about it at length. Someone then informed Ms. Carvajal re said blogpost, which she duly posted on her column, complete with the blogger’s URL.

Local blogger upon realizing this, took down her post and had this to say:

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Google Calendar Rocks. Hard.

I’ve always been a big fan of calendars. Especially the ones with scantily clad young women peddling cheap liquor, usually found in vulcanizing shops or car garages. Ok, that’s not the point of this post. Focus now. FOCUS.

Google Calendar recently launched the ability to display itself on any website.

This means you can create a calendar of activities on your Google Calendar, (don’t forget to activate sharing), then run the process which will produce code that you can slap onto your blog or any site.


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Aklatangpambata.org Gets On PCIJ

Aklatangpambata.org is one of the NGOs that took advantage of my Free Website for NGOs offer (which I’ve yet to make a page on this blog for to explain what it’s all about. AArrrghh).

Anyway, I made them a simple WordPress blog and apparently it’s served them very well. The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (a group of true modern day heroes imo), has picked up on their efforts to help teach the value of reading to the kids of Barangay Paltok, Quezon City.

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