Ouch and Argh Day

I’ve cancelled my planned trips today because I’m going through a gout attack, something I go through around once a year and let me tell you right now, it is so fucking PAINFUL, but I cannot do much other than bear it and take allopurinol. I try not to be a pill – popper, so I’ve only taken a painkiller once today and I’m trying to avoid taking another one although I’m tempted.

Sometimes (and I think I thought this the last time this happened to me), I wanna just make a small incision on my left big toe where the pain is, thinking maybe the blood in that area contains all the toxins so my body can get rid of all of it in one go, but lacking any medical proof this might work its probably a bad idea. And besides, cutting up my toe might lead to a wound that might even get an infection, considering my foot would need to heal while its inside a dark, damp shoe.

So ok scratch that I think I talked my way out of it. But I just have to do something.

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My Neighbors

For some odd reason I want to write about my neighbors.

To the right of our house (if you come out of the gate), are the Schellekens, featuring M and B, whom like many of the residents of our village, are retirees, and are both pushing the latter part of 70, I think.

To the left, and downhill from us, are George’s family (sorry I forgot his surname), who are probably around my age or older, but are pensioners of a sort due to a terrible plane crash the OFW husband (George) suffered in 2003 while in Dubai, and is currently recuperating from. And from which, I believe their income is derived, after having noticed, nosy as I am, that neither of them are employed inspite of their numerous material accoutrements.

Theirs is a Wikipedia – worthy story, believe me, which if I would tackle writing if I had the time, and or any other such excuse that I am capable, believe me, of making. At some point however, I believe I likely will.

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Bionic Bio Page By Bioman

Just made a bio area at the sidebar, and am making this post so that I’d have a page where people can leave comments on. Decided to name it that way just to see how many times I can say ‘bio’ in the title, without resorting to ‘biology’, which I don’t like because I almost flunked it in High School. I mean, who flunks in high school?? Continue reading

Ubuntu for a month

I’m glad I made a post about the programs I use after a recent reformat (a biannual thing for Windows users), as it gave me a good view of the stuff that’s necessary for me to function, and to determine which ones I’d have to find an open source alternative for.

It’s not that easy. I’m a tech writer, and much of the action (especially in gaming) is on the Win platform. People rely on me for Win tech-support, and there’re also the gadgets I’d need to work with, 100% of which provide drivers and software only for Win and Mac. Then there’s the familiarity issue, especially with tools like Photoshop, Homesite and FTP client Filezilla, whose keyboard shortcuts I memorize by heart. Photoshop keyboard shortcuts are vital to cutting your work time by half or more. Giving up Photoshop will be a pain (sob).

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Tayo’y magsikap upang makamtan natin ang kasaganaan

I’m not really sure why I chose the above to be my title (the 2nd stanza to Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit in case that sounds familiar). I guess LSS has something to do with, other than being catchy as well.

Maybe in trying to make sense of how things have been going for me, I’m fairly at a loss for inspiration, hence I search for it even in Christmas Carols. For whatever reason, I think I chose above since it has something to do with the future. As of now, the future is the only thing I’m holding on to that holds some promise.

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Jingle Bells lang ang pahinga

jingle bells lang ang pahingaThe title is inspired by a jeep I occasionally see plying the Ortigas Antipolo route, with a sign at the back that says “Jingle Lang Ang Pahinga”, I’ve obviously changed somewhat to reflect a Holiday theme.

However, the underlying message is the same. This past week every waking hour had been accounted for, either working on one client or another, or writing one article after another, that even as I review my little scheduler on how I spent those days, it still all feels like a daze.

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Abante apologizes to Jill

gringo plagiarized jillFollowers of my girlfriend Jill’s blog would be familiar with her recent Abante episode, where she was plagiarized, plain and simple, via a unauthorized reposting of her post about an ongoing scam at NAIA.

Apparently certain enterprising officials would plant damning evidence in traveler’s baggage for the purpose of extortion. In the case mentioned above, a bullet was placed inside a 75 year old lady’s bag for which she had to spend a night in one of Pasay City’s no doubt pleasant and well-appointed jail cells.

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