Where’s The Warranty?

If I could return my body to the manufacturer I would. Lately I’ve been waking up to pounding headaches, and spend most of my day battling it. It leaves me tired, completely uninterested in getting any work done and wanting only to stay my ass in bed. In fact, work is a chore and it takes all sorts of convincing to get me to do anything.

Obviously I’ve even less energy to go to the gym and its almost two weeks now. The result? I feel guilty about not getting work done and not going to the gym, so not only do I have a pounding headache, I am super annoyed at myself as well.


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Our Interview No Show

If it weren’t for Dong and My Dearest Cuz’s wonderful wedding yesterday (I was Best Man), I’d not have easily forgotten my disappointment about our TV no – show interview on Wednesday night.

Well, here’s what happened.


About 3 weeks ago Jill and I were interviewed by QTV‘s Fit and Fab, a beauty – wellness – fashion tv magazine type show hosted by Theresa Licaros and Maggie Wilson (no they didn’t do the interviewing). Topic was primarily the Kikay Shop for an online shopping segment.

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Of Plans, Schedules and Disarray

I need to prepare a proposal, print it and get myself ready for a meeting 3 hours from now so what better time to blog right?!

Just wanted to say things have been so super hectic that I missed an important appointment yesterday, completely forgetting about the fact that we rescheded our meeting for Monday when all along I thought it was still for Tuesday. I turned off my cell in the AM yesterday so it wouldn’t bother me during something important we were doing, and when I turned it on I got a message saying they ‘were at le coeur’, apparently waiting. I think I turned white.

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Good Ol’ Writing Contests

Kikay and Ballex are both running writing contests right now.

Primary purpose of which is to increase content and content sources, and consequently lessen our loads so we can concentrate on newer, exciting stuff.

But hey if it helps weed out a few budding writers out there, why not, right? This is my hope I think, secretly. The country’s lack of focus on education over the past decades is starting to show. Where once we produced some of the highest touted, well educated people in Asia, the kids I encounter these days are near illiterate, and can’t tell a book from a paperweight.

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Saturday PM Panic

I was dead tired from the gym and was nodding off to sleep around 130pm last Sat when I heard a neighbour frantically banging on another neighbour’s door. It was enough to tear my aching lazy ass from bed to look out the window, where I immediately noticed the inordinate amount of smoke and ashes!!! flying around. Suddenly my body didn’t ache anymore, and after checking from the backside of our house my fears were confirmed.

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Looks like I’m gonna have to move this blog again.

My hosting costs are a bitch. Fortunately my previous problems with mysql and speed issues seem to have been resolved, but now my data transfer rates are through the roof, and I am making an inventory of everything in my server and deciding on whether to take them out (and most of the time it’s out).

So goodbye Movie Exchange?
Goodbye (gasp) Basketball Exchange?

Sigh. I dunno. It feels lousy that I’m stuck with the bill after projects didn’t push through. But what the hey, better they had failed now than in the future I guess. In the meantime, I’m sure this blog has to go too.

Oh well. Decisions have to be made. Nobody said it was gonna be easy.

Accepting Money is ALWAYS a Bribe.

To all the governors, congressmen, mayors, and everyone involved. Let there be no mistake about it: The moment you accept cash, you are considered bribed. You have sold out. It’s amazing to me that there’s even debate about it, when it is crystal clear. It really doesn’t matter what you do with that money or whether they ask something from you or not.

Ok let me clarify that last statement down in three phases: First, how you’re gonna spend the money: In a situation like a Malacanang meeting, being given cash with no receipt by a cohort of the President indicates that she wants you to align yourself with her. You can spend it to feed the poor and homeless ala Mother Teresa, or you can go on a month long cruise in the Bahamas – it doesn’t matter.

Second, where it came from: Obviously the large sums of money didn’t come with a receipt. It was put in an envelope and handed out to them like so much hor’s devours at a dinner party. This indicates that efforts were made to detach the money from any sort of accounting and doing so, given the amounts, is already suspect. How could red flags not rise when you’re being given such a large amount? How could it not surprise anyone, or at the very least make it to the news if it weren’t for Among Ed’s almost casual remark about it? I’d suspect that if they received a P1,000.00 peso bill it should already have come to the press’ attention immediate, let alone P500,000.00

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Hosting Thoughts

Migs, the high priest of Linux and server administration, whom I always look to for advice on such things, told me to write about my latest hosting issues and so I shall. I suppose this is a good way to talk and archive the recent problems I’d been having with the sites and what I do to fix it, and how I’m starting to realize that whatever ‘fix’ I do seems temporary since the site’s traffic increase again anyway that as soon as I enhance / improve performance, traffic increases again. I am therefore plagued, within days, by either mysql inefficiencies or run out of RAM. Anyway here’s a rundown:

Here’s a screenshot of Aug. 30’s mysql issues. WordPress serves that up when it can’t connect to the db. I emailed Rimuhosting about it and they figured out I was having issues with one of my favorite WordPress plugins called Counterize, which allowed me to produce those interesting stats at the footer of KikayEx which says ‘x number of visitors visited today, xx number the past 7 days. xxx number total since forever, and so on…‘. We activated an option on mysql to produce a ‘mysql-slow.log‘ which lists down all the mysql queries that take more than 2 seconds to complete. The results were stunning, as Counterize apparently had queries that take as long as 20 seconds, and at a given morning (not even a whole day), there were 40 queries already. Here’s how it looked:

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Here’s a short long list of things I
need / want to do at this very moment.

  • Write a pulsating, heart rending blogpost about DLSU getting ripped by ADMU the other night for Ballex.
  • *NEW – Write a pulsating, heart rending blogpost about RP’s win against China last night.
  • Fix Kikay’s navigation issues.
  • Make a graphic for Kikay re Sale Alerts.
  • Contact a manufacturer of a cool product I like for feature on Kikay.
  • Make a feature article for Kikay on a new product I checked out last night (secret)
  • Make the Nike Post for Momex.
  • Make a (camera manufacturer) post for Ballex.
  • Prepare Sales Kit for Kikay.
  • Make a graphic for Mom for MomEx Forum.
  • Ask parent – friends to sell their used stuff on MomEx Forum.
  • Deal with a person who wants to sell items on MomEx.
  • Make a movie review of any of the last 3-5 movies I’ve watched recently for MovieEx.
  • Make a new graphic for MomEx Parents Ponder.
  • Add RSS feeds to my phone whose GPRS I’m starting to enjoy.
  • Write Start on SME article.
  • Make a new poll for Ballex.
  • Investigate the forum mod John Knight and Cola requested for BallEx forum.
  • Work for an hour a day for a week on client’s site.

    okidokey. off to work.