I Am Writing This Post Because It’s Raining Outside

.. and therefore, a brownout will ensue afterwards. That is how it is in our village each time. Strangely enough it happens after a big downpour, when everything seems to have settled down. First, it rains cats and dogs, then suddenly you hear a large explosion but from very far away. See, there’s a transformer thingamajing near the entrance of the village, and after a downpour the thing ‘explodes’ in a way that I might imagine dynamite would. It’s one of those things that when you hear, sounds like a big deal, but because its far away, you might miss if you’re busy doing something else.

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Trust Is The Issue

I predicted wrongly 2 years ago that Google would make their own OS. Today with Chrome I have been redeemed!

Well ok not exactly. I was still far off both by time and result, but the thinking is the same. In order for Google to roll out the kind of products they want to work in the way they want, they have to deal with the environment their apps work in, and that means working with the browser – which so far makes varied results. It therefore makes sense they make their own browser given the ever higher level of complexity they want their apps to do.

The average Joe is probably aware we developers hate IE, but may not completely know why. Explaining why is not the point of this post, but let me just tell you – IE sucks seriously big time. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with CSS, UTF or language standards, or Java for example, will understand why developers have thinning hair or zero social life as they spend too much time trying to get their apps to work on IE. Firefox helped save them a bit with its standards compliancy, but has so far not been entirely reliable imho, and it still lags behind with approximately 30% market share. I love it and support it, but it’s been crashing on me recently, and anyone who knows code knows that a crashing browser is serious stuff.

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Why I Need To Workout

For no particular reason other than I want to blog about something but can’t think of any other something, forthwith are reasons why I need to work out often:

Sleep Apnea – I know I self – diagnosed this, but I’ve all the symptoms, including fatigue from lack of sleep, waking up at 3am to take a leak, deep set eye bags again from lack of sleep, waking up in a sweat every so often at night (because my lungs were struggling to breathe), and finally the most damning of all, dreams of drowning. The particular recurring dream is fairly vivid. I am on a white sandy beach with some rocky breakwater hills in the distance, which I investigate. While doing so, I enter small caves and whatnot, and before I know it the tide is coming in strong, so strong that I cannot go back to the sandy beach. I struggle to climb higher, but the strong waves start lapping at my feet and upward. At this point I assume I wake up.

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So it looks like Microsoft is going to support XP for 6 more years, until 2014. So if you’ve bought a Vista equipped PC recently, you gotta ask : “So pano na ngayon ang binayad ko sa Vista?!

Mind you, this isn’t a pro – Linux or pro – anything rant. I don’t own a Vista PC to begin with, and like I said in a previous post, I don’t find anything wrong with it either. I’m using Vista Home right now on Jill’s PC, and I’m doing just fine. Some isues here and there, but mostly, it is, albeit superficially (primarily because most of it’s ‘improvements’ are cosmetic) can be considered a step up above XP.

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