Review – Like Water For Chocolate

I spent most of Christmas Day doing two things, reading and trying to sleep. Since I am not very good at the latter, the day was saved halfway by the former as I happened to pick up one of the most sumptuous books I’ve ever read, [tag]Like Water For Chocolate[/tag] by Mexican author [tag]Laura Esquivel[/tag].

Part mystical, part historical and part soap opera-ish the book is basically about the life of [tag]Tita[/tag] [tag]de la Garza[/tag], youngest of 3 daughters of [tag]Mama Elena[/tag] de la Garza, who ran a ranch in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. The young and beautiful Tita is a wonderful cook who is faced with the dreary future of serving her mother till her death, forsaking even marraige, as is the rule amongst Mexican families at the time. Sure enough, the handsome Pedro comes into her life, but his request for her hand is naturally rebuked by Mama Elena. To compensate, she offers instead her eldest daughter Rosaura, whom Pedro agrees to marry instead, secretly admitting to Tita that he is only doing so to be able to live close to Tita.

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Pure Shmure

I know these are harsh words, but trust me when I say I’ve tried not to say them. Here it is: I do not recommend the 02 XDA Atom Pure.

I’ve had it for longer than two weeks, and as of yet I’ve not had it provide any level of reliability or usability.

I’ve had the black one too, and I wrote about it back in May. Results were almost similar, except that was even worse as it was slow. This white one, nicknamed ‘Pure‘, a limited edition version with a firmware update (as I understood it) and a replacement to the black one when I told them about my problems with it, is a lot faster but nonetheless – and I really hate to say this – useless.

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Nokia N91 Writeup Out

Tuned for Tunes is out, where I write about the Nokia N91.

Trying out any N-Series phone is a really special experience. I take a great deal of time trying to figure out what exactly they were trying to do with it before writing it up, and N-Series phones always have a lot to say. Their designers and engineers spend a lot of time dreaming it up, and sometimes I think they’re given a clean slate when it comes to N-Series. What I want to do is to figure out the goal they were trying to achieve, and after using it, determine if they’ve achieved it.

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Welcome Yahoo Tech!

I recently got a visit from Y! tech, which was very nice and highly appreciated, since golly I’ve been reading Y! tech since, I think, inception.

At any rate, I went through Y! tech again today, and here are a few thoughts. These would’ve come out sooner or later anyway, but my head is all big and swollen from self-importance right now, so I’m inspired to write it. Kidding.

  1. It’s not really clear what Saved Tech Products is for, but im trying to use it for saving products ive reviewed for a newspaper. People usually adopt stuff like this for their own purposes, so I hope Yahoo doesn’t limit it to ‘stuff i wanna buy’ or ‘stuff i already own’, although those two categories would be nice to start with.
  2. 2nd, I was reading a very interesting article re Nicholas Negroponte on Y!tech when I had to leave (it was long). I wanted to go back to it but I couldnt find any archives and a search for it resulted in 0. Pity because I thought it was a good read.
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