Blog Updated, Update On Other Stuff, and Reminiscing My boss for Some Odd Reason.

Just updated to the not – completely – necessary – but – update – it – anyway latest version of WordPress, also called a ‘Maintenance Release’.

As is my habit, I will test it here for a few days before going on and updating the other sites. Which of course would be a completely useless test if I don’t write on it, so here I am. Writing. Ok, let’s do some highlights as to what’s going on, bullet point style (my favorite):

  • Super sick but ok again. – Actually I’ve been worse, but Thu to Sat last week I felt like I was in outer space from a super head cold that completely knocked me out. I’ve figured out I got it from playing Tekken on the PS2 with my sick nephew. Trading game consoles with a sick kid transferred the virus. Coupled with low energy from sleeping late all the time I was out cold for two days with difficulty of breath, constant dry cough and the worst – pain from seemingly every joint in my body. I’m completely ok now – don’t worry my legions of fans, and am actually quite raring to go.

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Almost There

I’ve managed to migrate MomEx posts, which run on WordPress, to Drupal 5.9 on my test server. Whoopee!

I used WordPress Import, a pretty powerful tool which is still in development mode. On the surface it’s a straightforward process of installing the module, uploading your WordPress .wxr file and then mapping out which posts are ‘owned’ by which users (aka authors). It then transfers both posts and comments associated with it.

It becomes a hell of a lot more complicated though when your .wxr file is 17mb. like mine, and I have nearly a hundred different subscribers and authors.

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Assessing A Planned Move from WordPress to Drupal

I need to write this down to serve as a list in determining a mass migration of my sites from WordPress to Drupal, so I’ll just blog it right? I’ll start with a list of a few WordPress issues I am frustrated with, off the top of my head:

    Asides: I wanna show posts (or post titles, or post titles with excerpts) from specific categories on the sidebar. I have done this with limited success on BallEx on a category I called ‘PBA Notes’ (ftg. news fresh from the PBA), but unfortunately WordPress counting mechanism counts these posts as part of the posts that it should display on the front page, so everytime I post to the PBA Notes category, it removes a post from the index. It’s not a terribly difficult issue and is ‘resolved’ somewhat by merely posting more (which I should be doing anyway), but it’s kept me stumped for too long a while already, and prevents me from putting even more categories on the sidebar. At the moment the setting on BallEx for ‘Options > Reading > Blog Pages show at most:” is set at 30.

    As I mentioned on this post, the best Aside Plugin seems to be Katesgasis’ Sideblog, but it has unfortunately not been since 2006.

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Our First Kikay Exchange LiveBlogging Event

Featuring Neva Talladen of Leyende Organics, will be held twice tomorrow, Friday, June 20, 10-1045AM and again at 8-845PM.

Fans of Neva’s famous Leyende Organic Products will be able to chat with her live. They can ask questions, talk about her products, or just say hi. This is a great opportunity for Neva to touch base with the legions of female readers who have always been interested in her products as well as those who are already loyal buyers.

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Oh Lord, won’t you give me $30,000.00?*

I just read this article talking about an internet startup involving a girl and her boyfriend in New York. Of course, the word ‘internet startup’ interests me, but when I read it involved just two people, a girl and her boyfriend living and working out of an apartment in New York on a shoestring budget, the similarities between what Jill and myself are doing got me hooked.

Naturally the parts that I could relate to were interesting to read. The fact we have to maintain day jobs, the sleepless nights, the unusual working conditions that are par for the course for most internet plays (or most starting businesses for that matter). But then I read they started out with USD $30,000.00, then the interest turned to something akin to ‘sus!‘.

$30k is P1,290,000.00 even in these weak dollar times, and by God if I had that kind of money, I promise you now, and I’m not kidding you: I’d have a site that’d be pulling hits in the 5,000 or so a day – almost every retail fashion store in Manila would want to be doing business with us – and I’d have 3 to 6 other sites shaking up their specific industries, doing strong plays on their own.

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Kikay Exchange’s Breakthrough Day

Our baby had an important day yesterday, Nov. 9th, for the first time registering 617 unique hits, the most ever in one day.

So let me just say it: Our little baby is now a lady :). Urk.

Anyway, the most number of visitors was recorded at 58 concurrent at 10:00 in the morning, with the least at 6 people at 5AM. That’s an average of 25.7 visitors per hour.

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