I Should Be Working Out..

But instead I am blogging. And so, if I’m gonna blog, I might as well brain dump, and discuss my issues for the day. Time start: 10:01am.

  • I am going to an event 2pm. It involves the launch of a new tech product whose parent company is also in the news for laying off thousands of workers, adding some measure of pallor to my mind, to a usually glitzy affair. It is vital that I maintain a presence in such things in order to prepare for the much delayed launch of my latest baby, the newest Exchange, details on a forthcoming date.
  • I am in the midst of looking for active, sporty female writers / bloggers for a project. This situation is ASAP, and fortunately, I managed to contact one of the most personable and capable individuals I know, to whom this project is tailor fit (reference intended). She has texted her questions to which I replied by emailing the details. She is however, rushing to something and promised a reply after lunch. I am not kidding when I say I am hopeful for a positive reply, the occurrence of which would probably make my day.

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Absolute Classic Rock, Rocks

First, a playlist:

To explain: this is one of those blogposts that tell of an impressive internet find, so brace yourselves. A week or so after installing Ubuntu, I decided to try it’s built – in music player called, shockingly, ‘Music Player’. Ok to be technical, it’s ‘Rhythmbox Music Player‘.

So anyway when I was still living in the dark and using Windows, I quite enjoyed listening to Internet Radio via Windows Media Player. Now that I’ve reformed, I decided to give the built – in radio stations on Rhythmbox a try, and lo and behold I was instantly gratified to be introduced to Absolute Classic Rock, a radio station already on its playlist that plays, you guessed it, classic rock and roll in the UK. London, specifically.

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Opinion re Cable TV

After the recent re-installation of Cable TV in our household, I have come to the ff. conclusions:

  1. It is for the most part, a monstrous waste of time – Once you turn the TV on, you will inevitably find something interesting to watch. For example, I happened onto a 60 Minutes feature on the FBI agent who interrogated Saddam Hussein for the duration of his incarceration before being handed back to the Iraqis. The other day, I was also enthralled by a BBC documentary ftg. two nerdy guys trying to make a motorcycle to run on compressed air, in an effort to make a zero emission delivery vehicle for a sandwich manufacturer in London.

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Saturday Spent Lounging Around!

The big issue about my consulting gig continues to be the terrible commute. At times, and due to the fact it’s Christmas, I spend up to 3 hours or more going just one direction, and it is very tiring. There is no way I will bring Joe (my car) with me because I’m positive it’ll take longer, and besides I’ve not been happy with him recently due to his high maintenance ways. Bad bad Joe.

In other news, last night was our first basketball game for our HS league, and I think I logged 1 rebound in, oh probably 2.5 minutes of playing time. I think I can really say I’ve come full circle now. There was a time I couldn’t keep track of how many leagues I was playing in (some of which stretch on for months), and I’d play either until my lungs would burst or my knees would give out. Now I can’t even get playing time on a team of mid – 30 year old dads.

Truth is though, I’ve realized it’s all good. A few months ago when I was coaching the village kids, I felt I had the experience of a lifetime. Me and my boys went on the roller coaster ride that is Philippine Liga Basketball, held all over our islands from Aparri to Jolo. I had sleepless nights thinking things over and over so much that I was well and truly obsessed.

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For some odd reason I can’t concentrate on getting any work done on my sites, and keep gravitating towards playing COH (again). But since I finished two skirmishes at extra hard setting this morning (which I’m saying not because I wanna show off but because I want to emphasize I play this game waaay too much), I gotta pull myself away from it. 3rd option therefore is to blog, and so here I am. Besides, I actually have new stuff to write about.

2 days every week starting this week I now consult for a company that’s making a ton of websites for itself, its branches and all its affiliate smaller companies, totalling approximately 44 in all. So I go there every Monday and whichever other day there’s a meeting, do my thing, then in theory, hop and skidaddle off home afterwards. That’s the theory however, but in practice, the place is a good 2.5 hours of commuting away, so going to and back takes up half a day.

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Learn More About The Philippines via Korean Documentaries

Every night free TV Channel 13 shows these Korean documentaries made for a Korean audience about the Philippines.

Last week I caught one about how Pinoys like music so much and how it is so ingrained in our culture. A few minutes ago I just finished another one about eco – tourism in places like Bohol and some island I can’t remember. Both times weren’t fawnish or critical in any way. The music one covered showbands and young people joining and getting into bands to use as tickets to find gigs abroad, while at the same time featuring people like Charice Pempengco and a band or two that were into it purely for love of music. They even featured a tv channel in Cebu which shows old people singing ancient Bisaya songs live in a tone and pace unfamiliar to me and dissimilar to Kundiman. People just call a number flashed on the screen for requests and they oblige.

The more recent one I just finished discussed the near wasteland the Rice Terraces were turning out to be because their young people preferred working elsewhere or in tourism related jobs, effectively eroding the reason why tourists went there in the first place.

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Imax Shmimax

First of all, this is in no way a hit on our gracious benefactor, a very rich and powerful company, for providing me two tickets to watch Superman Returns at the IMax theater two days ago, at the Mall Of Asia (is it ‘Mall of Asia’ or ‘SM Mall of Asia’?)

As a token of gratitude for an article I wrote about them, it is one of the rare occasions when I’ve received freebies from my writing, and it is highly appreciated in all ways possible.

And now, to my thoughts on the famous Imax theater.

  1. It is not eight stories high. Likely, it is five stories, and once the movie starts, only three of these ‘stories’ are taken up. Still impressive of course.
  2. The sound is terrific. To its credit. As it should be. And it’s amazing.
  3. Woe betide those who sit in Aisle A. We were sitting in Aisle C, 3rd nearest the screen. Golly what a headache.
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